ARC Announces March 2019 Capital Increase

Singapore, March 1, 2019 Alpha Rock Capital Holdings Pte. Ltd. announces capital increase.

Alpha Rock Capital today carried out a capital increase, inclusive of share premium, as part of the company’s fundraising for more acquisitions.

The capital increase was reserved for accredited investors looking for exposure to a holding company acquiring digital assets. As a result, new shares were issued at an undisclosed subscription price.

About Alpha Rock Capital

Alpha Rock Capital (ARC) is a US-based Digital Acquisition Firm. We acquire Online Businesses that own Digital Real Estate, which is a term we use to describe valuable online locations such as the ranking of results on platforms like Amazon or Google or high traffic domains. Analogous to how physical real estate derives value from traffic and placement, we specialize in acquiring under-appreciated and profit optimizing high traffic online businesses.

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