ARC011 – 6 Factors when doing due diligence on buying an Amazon FBA company

ARC 011 Welcome to episode 11 of the Alpha Rock Capital Podcast, a show for the Investor Mindset Series. Today, we are in for a treat! We have with us Nate Ginsburg from SellerPlex. His FBA journey started in 2014, and his business started to grow exponentially. Few years late, he sold it. But with the help of his team, he had an eventful exit and he took this to his advantage. Because of his experience, he, today, helps other owners to unplug their businesses and facilitate a successful business sale. In this episode, Nate will share his insights on the factors when doing due diligence in buying an Amazon FBA company. Let's tune in!

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Nate Ginsberg

  • How he got into Amazon FBA

  • The journey to sale

  • Investing in Amazon FBA? What is your goal/ strategy first

  • What to look for, here are some top pointers

  • Product lineup and review depth

  • Assets and Sales Channel defensibility

  • Margins - not just revenue

  • Transferability

  • Due diligence, and how Nate at SellerPlex can help

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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