History of Alpha Rock Capital

Preparing to Scale

Second half of 2019 we successfully raise a round at $ 1M valuation and acquired three more businesses In September we raised another round and acquired 2 more businesses


First half of 2019 Realising Hong Kong wasn't the optimal jurisdiction to raise capital and scale, the team decided to incorporate in Singapore and we transferred our main brand in January 2019. The first brand was sold for two times the purchase price just after a year of acquisition. In Q1, David bought in as a partner and the team also met Alex in Manila, they realised he was our missing team member and he bought in to join as the 4th manager.

The first capital increase was successfully done to purchase our Office Supplies brand in March.

The team started to garner interest from European and American investors and due to the main goal being an IPO they decided to move the holdings to the United States of America.


2017-2018 Hong Kong Alpha Rock Capital was incorporated in October 2017 to create a way for Marc and Vedast to do business together after a successful summer spent together in the Philippines after knowing each other since they were 11 years old.

Marc reconnected with his old friends and realised they were all doing Amazon FBA so he started studying the business model and in Q1 decided to buy a business instead of starting one from scratch. The first acquisition was in May and the second acquisition followed in July which is our Home and Garden brand. The ARC system was created and improved over the following months and then David came on board to become Director of Operations in November 2018 to prepare for scale.