Impact Investing

At Alpha Rock Capital (ARC), it is more than earning a profit for our investors. It is also about creating opportunity for the less fortunate and adding value to society.

As the firm grows, it will always look for ways to do impact investing, which is the act of investing in businesses and choosing service providers that benefit society as well as providing financial return.

Already in 2019, ARC is doing that through its relationship with Shares Inc. Shares Inc is a USA based fulfillment center that provides service and support for people with disabilities to enhance their inclusion in the community. This is a solution we’ve set in place where our production is carried out by people with special needs who would have else been without a job

Another impact investing case is plates in India. It is a small family business that produces plates out of residue materials that would have been burned if not used. These are eco-friendly and supportive of the delicate society we live in today.

Alpha Rock Capital Holdings is the technological front end to a analog backend. Many of these suppliers and middle people we are working and dealing with would have not had a chance given their lack of technological literacy

As ARC grows, we will also grow our allocation of funds and resources to impact investing.

To learn more, or get involved in this part of the firm, please contact us about a workshop or apply directly there.


American social media & e-commerce specialist being China since late 2007, I’m passionate to help companies do business in Asia leveraging the power of content marketing and e-commerce. I host a weekly podcast to help businesses understand how to do business in China and other parts of Asia. After years of hosting the blog and podcast, we now have a Asia business marketplace, to help making doing business here as easy as buying online.

While I originally to source products for my e-commerce business – over the years I’ve transformed into working with Western companies market entry into China, as well as assisting Chinese entrepreneurs reach their goals & take chances to build their own business.

Currently 100% submerged into e-commerce marketing & sales – China and USA. Building supply chain, growing web traffic, & building product brands for a network of products and services.

Specialties: I have worked for e-commerce and web design companies – I have built supply chains with international companies. My view of international business is that the world is flat – and the trend is only to continue – and we are still in the infancy. My prior experiences, my love for experiencing international cultures all qualify me as a business consultant in the internet and e-commerce industry between China to the world.

Look forward to seeing your business become a success.


“If you work with people you cannot treat them as objects, you cannot treat subjective emotional problems with objective rational solutions.” Few people understand the underlying complexities when dealing with people and culture in a managerial setting as well as Alexa Calingo. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from University of California, Berkeley and a Master of Business Administration with specialization in Healthcare Marketing and Management from Davenport University, Alexa is well equipped to deal with the vast complexities that naturally arise between people in any workplace.

From years of experience as an independent consultant she has mastered techniques in how to treat the workplace as an ecosystem to positively influence mental health. Her results show that positive empowerment of employees influence their emotional state that leads them to perform at their most optimal level which in turn trickles down and yields positive bottom line results.  Today, she works with Alpha Rock Capital Holdings, a U.S.-based private digital investment company, where she is Director of Operations of one of their service verticals; Virtuous Graphics. Alexa is responsible for the day to day engagements building corporate culture as well as driving overall profitability through best practice.

In her free time Alexa is a project manager and international keynote speaker where one of her top themes is: Analysis, Diagnosis, Act – The Art of Living Meaningful with Surgical Precision.

Alpha Rock Capital is hosting a series of pro-bono workshops and training seminars in Metro Manila, aiming to add value to our local ecosystem. These 2-3 hour group training sessions explore the areas of e-commerce, internet marketing, Amazon FBA, and more. If your organization would like to collaborate, endorse, or participate, please get in touch with Alpha Rock Capital today.

Next Workshop - Baguio, Phillipines Feb 21

On Friday Feb 21, 2020 Mike will host a worksop with Ace Estrada in Baguio – (download fill resolution poster here)


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One on One Session For Sourcing Strategies

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Amazon FBA training in BGC for Virtuous Graphics

Our First Workshop

The first workshop was held in Quezon City at Ace and Andi Estrada’s Manila Mastermind e-commerce event. There were a few hundred local Filipino attendees who were either starting or growing their e-commerce businesses in the Philippines.