Mike Michelini Joins Alpha Rock Capital As Director of Business Development

Thursday, August 1, 2019

For Immediate Release

Mike Michelini has joined the Alpha Rock Capital Holdings company as Director of Business Development. He will be joining by also bringing in the Amazon business Sisitano.com into the holdings company. 

Mike is a content creator and networker. Through his blog and podcast Global From Asia he has generated a community of cross-border ecommerce and Amazon business owners in Asia and will introduce this group to the world of Amazon FBA acquisitions via Alpha Rock Capital. 

He will also be heading up the projects for the ARC podcast and videos as well as the blog and content strategy as a whole. 

Mike is very excited to join the firm and will bring in resources in the Amazon and ecommerce community  as well as team and skills in content creation and marketing. 

Stay tuned for even more updates as the team and firm rapidly develops in 2019. 

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